440 – ST 38″ Barracuda Stripping System

he 440ST is a powerful, propane powered floor stripping machine. As part of the Ultimate Stripping System – which includes the HyrdroStar™ applicator and StripVac™ recovery system – the 440ST uses two counter rotating drivers that effectively remove floor finishes faster than any other machine on the market. The Rok-bak™ feature allows operators to quickly change pads and brushes while it sleek, ergonomic design make the machine simple and easy to operate.



  • Counter rotating brushes reduce strip splash.
  • Partially enclosed body style enhances public friendly appearance.
  • RokBakTM deck for easy brush/pad installation from standing position.
  • Non-marking tires that will not react with stripper.
  • Bail throttle with electric clutch ensures smooth start up.
  • Low profile deck (under 4” (10 cm)) for edge-to-edge operation.
  • Optional SafeSenseTM Emissions Monitoring System.
  • Catalytic side mount muffler minimizes harmful emissions.
  • Heavy gauge steel frame with durable splash skirt.


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